GSP Scripts

by Hilary S. Bell

By creating and saving scripts on the Geometer's Sketch Pad, it is easy to perform complex explorations without having to do familiar constructions repeatedly. Here are some I saved and used on many occasions:


1. Centroid Script

2. Circumcenter Script

3. Circumcircle Script

4. Incenter Script

5. Incircle Script

6. Medial triangle--Orthocenter (as the medial triangle is repeatedly make, it approaches the orthocenter of the original triangle) Script

7. Medial Triangle Script

8. Orthictriangle Script

9. Orthocenter


10. Pedal Triangle Script

11. The Center of the Nine-Point Circle Script

12. Nine-Point Circle Script

13. Equilateral Triangle (given a side) Script

14. Square (given a side) Script



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