Some GSP scripts that might be useful


by D. Hembree

Clicking on any of the following will open a GSP script to accomplish the given task. A brief description is given if there are special considerations for using the script.

 Constructions Related to Triangles

Centroid of a triangle
Orthocenter of a triangle
Circumcenter of a triangle
Circumcircle of a triangle
Incenter of a triangle
Incircle of a triangle
All 4 triangle centers, labeled (H, G, C, and I)
Nine Point Circle
The medial triangle of a given triangle
The orthocenter-midsegment triangle of a given triangle
The orthic triangle of a given triangle

Constructions for Polygons

Equilateral triangle given a side
Square given a side
Pentagon given its radius
Hexagon given a side
Octagon given a side

Segment Constructions

Divide a segment into two parts that form a golden ratio

Locus Constructions

Locus of the vertex of a fixed angle that subtends a fixed segment

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