EMAT 6680

Assignment 5


Laura King

Creating and Using GSP Scripts

   In this assignment, we were supposed to make a library of useful GSP scripts.  Here is a list of the different scripts.  Click on each one to try the script.  You must open Geometry Sketch Pad on your computer before using the scripts.  You must read the instructions for each construction and click on the needed objects.

1. Centroid of a triangle.

2. Orthocenter of a triangle.

3. Circumcenter of a triangle.

4. Circumcircle of a triangle.

5. Incenter of a triangle.

6. Incircle of a triangle.

7. Medial triangle.

7a. Orthocenter of the mid-segment triangle.

8. Orthic triangle.

9. Pedal triangle.

10. Center of the nine point circle.

11. Nine point circle given three points on the triangle.

11a. Nine point circle given three lines. 

12. Trisecting a line segment.

13. Equilateral triangle, given a side.

14. Square, given a side.

15. Isosceles triangle, given base and altitude.

16. Triangle centers (H, G, C, and I).

17. Triangle centers with Euler Line.

18. Divide a segment AB into parts that form the Golden Ratio.

19. Hexagon, given a side.

20. Octagon, given a side.

21. Circle that is tangent to two other circles.

22. Original triangle given the medial triangle.

23. Locus of the center of a circle tangent to two other circles.

24. Locus of the midpoints of the Pedal Triangle as the Pedal Point is animated around the circumcircle to 

      the original triangle.

25. Circumcircles of the original triangle and the three orthocenter triangles.