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Emat 6680-summer 2001


Write-up demo: Investigations with a Quadratic Relation

Assignment-1: Investigation of Polynomial Functions

Assignment-2: Working with Quadratics

Assignment-3: Article on Quadratics

Assignment-4: Nine Point Circle

Assignment-5: Script Library

Assignment-6: Explorations with GSP

Assignment-7: Tangent Circles

Assignment-8: Altitudes and Orthocenters

Assignment-9: Pedal Triangles

Assignment-10: Investigations with Parametric Equations

Assignment-11: Polar Equations

Assignment-12: Spreadsheet Explorations

Final Assignment: Investigations with the Centroid



Emat 6690-summer 2002


Essay-1: "Modern Pythagoras'?"

Essay-2: Graphing Calculator Explorations

Essay-3: Power Sequences

1) Finding and proving the general formula for sequence of cubes

2)Excel explorations

CTL: "1000 Bales" - Math of the Farmer

Instructional Unit: Triangles



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