GSP Script List
Rita Meyers

The following are links to frequently developed sketches on Geometry Sketch Pad

1.  Centroid

2.  Orthocenter

3.  Circumcenter

4.  Circumcircle

5.  Incenter

6.  Incircle

7.  Medial Triangle

7a. Orthocenter, Mid-segment triangle

8.  Orthic Triangle

9.  Pedal Triangle

10.  Center of Nine Point Circle

11.  Nine Point Circle

12.  Trisecting a Line Segment

13.  Equilateral Triangle, given a side

14. Square, given a side

15. Isosceles triangle, given base and altitude

16. Triangle Centers (H, G, C, and I)

17. Triangle Centers with Euler Line

18. Divide a segment AB into two parts that form a golden ratio.

19. Pentagon, given the radius

20. Pentagon, given a side

21. Hexagon, given a side

22. Octagon, given a side

23. Tangent Circle (smaller circle external to tangent)

24. Tangent Circle (smaller circle internal to tangent).


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