EMAT 6700
Rita L. Snyder
Fall 2002

The project I have chosen is to take a secondary math text book and develop some tools to enhance the lesson with technology when introducing the topics to the students or throughout the lesson to help the students gain comprehension.  The textbook I have chosen is Glencoe's Geometry:  Concepts and Applications.  I have always enjoyed Geometry and was amazed to learn of the software out there that can be so helpful with students today.  This project not only gives me a chance to learn more of the software Geometry Sketchpad, but to investigate ways that I can incorporate the technology into the class so the students can benefit from it as well.

Below are some of the sections of the textbook that I tried to enhance with the software.

1-5:  Tools of the Trade

2-3:  Congruent Segments

3-3:  The Angle Addition Postulate

3-7:  Perpendicular Lines

4-4:  Proving Lines Parallel

5-3:  Geometry in Motion

6-1:  Medians

6-2:  Altitudes and Perpendicular Bisectors

Chapter 6 Investigation

11-3:  Arcs and Chords

These few links that can be used in the classroom to help enhance the class with the use of technology only scratches the surface.  In almost every section of the book you could in some way incorporate the use of technology.  This has helped me tremendously in realizing just how beneficial this technology can be to enhance the students exploration skills and comprehension levels.  

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