EMAT 6000



Troy Morris

EMAT 6000. Special Problems in Mathematics Education. 1-6 hours. (Max. 9 hours.)
In-depth exploration of special topics in mathematics education of interest to individual students or groups.

I have come across some interesting problems throughout some of the readings I have done and different classes I have taken. My goal for 6700 is to bring these problems together, plus other interesting ideas, and put them in one location for easy access to my students. These problems will be directed at the high school student with the appropriate technology available to them. They must have access to the internet, G.S.P., and a basic understanding of how to use each one. I will use these problems in my classroom to challenge my students to use what they have been taught to solve problems and learn to use the software as a tool to gain knowledge. These problems will also provide an excellent opportunity for cooperative learning to take place in the classroom. Group work is not only allowed, it is recommended. I have taught Geometry every semester of my 5 years of teaching, so do not be surprised to find these problems hovering around lines, arcs, and angles.

THE BROKEN CHORD - (Geometry) - This problem focuses on the use of congruent triangles, segments, segment addition, circles, chords, diameters, and inscribed angles to form an interesting proof developed by Archimedes.

Nine - Pt. Circle and THE EULER LINE - (Geometry) - Students will use G.S.P. to create the nine - point circle and attempt to discover the Euler line.

Pythagorean's Theorem