Assignment 5




Christina Reid

GSP Script Library

The following are links to GSP scripts that can be used for constructions of each item described. To link to each item, you must have Geometerís Sketchpad installed on your computer.

1. Centroid (G)

2. Orthocenter (H)

3. Circumcenter (C)

4. Circumcircle

5. Incenter (I)

6. Incircle

7. Medial Triangle

8. Orthocenter, Mid-segment Triangle

9. Orthic Triangle

10. Pedal Triangle

11. Center of Nine Point Circle

12. Nine Point Circle

13. Trisecting a Line Segment

14. Equilateral Triangle, given a side

15. Square, given a side

16. Isosceles Triangle, given base and altitude

17. Triangle Centers (H, G, C, and I)

18. Triangle Centers with Euler Line

19.. Divide a segment AB into two parts that form a golden ratio

20. Pentagon, given a radius

21. Hexagon, given a side

22. Octagon, given a side

23. Tangent Circles

24. Locus of Center of Tangent Circle

25. Circumcircles of the Orthocenter Triangles

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