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My short history

My Family

My short history

I am currently at the University of Georgia working on a Ph.D in mathematics education.

I am from South Korea. I moved to Athens, Georgia in December, 2000.

I completed a B.A. and a M.A in in mathematics education at EWHA University in KOREA.

I have taught abstract algebra at the University in korea for one year.

I would like to do further research on one of the following topics : Cognitive Obstacle in function learning, Concept image and Concept defiition, or Technology.

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My family

My family includes my father, mother and brother. My father, Yongbong is a English teacher of Middle school in Korea.

My mother, Byoungok who had also taught English for twenty years, is a vice principal in middle school. I am proud of both of them and miss them all the time.

My brother works at the Kimpo airport. He is a customs officer. He will be married this year. Congratulations, my brother!

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