Log for the Week of August 25, 2003


Monday (8/25/03):

( I canÕt find what I wrote for this day)


Tuesday (8/26/03):

I found myself catering to those who donÕt understand.  How do you decide when it is time to move on with a subject when you know that a few students still donÕt get it?


Wednesday (8/27/03):

Met with Steve to go over how he develops a lesson plan.  I still donÕt feel comfortable with Stats, so the plan was to teach systems of linear equations in ALG II and give a quiz in Stats class.


Thursday (8/28/03):

Alg II students had a test.


Found it interesting that the students couldnÕt do fractions without a calculator.  There was a test question that involved fractions and some of the students couldnÕt get the calculators to give them the answer in a fraction and I told them to do it by hand, (because I didnÕt know either Š still learning the TI-83).  They didnÕt seem too happy with that answer.


There need to be rules established for test-taking.  Steve had not told me the rules he had established and the students


Friday (8/29/03):

Steve was absent today, so I had planned to teach.  In Stats, class the students were given a quiz and a practice test to run through. 


As far as my lesson for ALG II, I think it went well.  We discussed how to determine the solutions to a system of equations graphically.  I had also found an error on the test that they had taken the day before, so we discussed why the question was wrong and for homework they had to fix it and then answer the question. 


I also taught SteveÕs third period class because it too was Advanced Alg II.  ItÕs amazing the difference in classroom dynamics can be.  The third period class was rowdy and it too awhile for them to listen to me. I sure a lot that had to do with the fact that they still saw me as a ŌsubstituteÕ.