Log for the Week of August 18, 2003


Monday (8/18/03):

First day of internship, I was introduced to both classes and Steve gave me the run down of the school.


Binder idea:  Have a classroom binder in which each day a different student will carbon copy their notes.  Also, have the student write down which students are absent that day and also make sure they include in the binder any handouts that are passed around.  The purpose of the notebook is for reference to what was taught as well as giving those students who are absent notes to copy from.  It counts as a quiz score in which neatness and accuracy counts. 


Tuesday (8/19/03):

STATS:  Students had taken a quiz, and I noticed that Steve was working on something else with another teacher.  A student had a question on a quiz and after awhile not getting SteveÕs attention turned in her quiz.  I regret not saying anything to Steve.


Algebra II:  I liked the idea that Steve had given to his students that if they didnÕt know how to do a particular homework problem, then rather than leaving it blank write a question/questions that you have concerning the problem(s).


Wednesday (8/20/03):

Today we had a substitute teacher. In the Stats, class the students had a test, so there wasnÕt much to do.  In the Alg II, I spent most of the time one-on-one with various students helping them with the handout that Steve had prepared for them.  I unfortunately told a student the wrong information, which I quickly corrected, but what an awful feeling.


Thursday (8/21/03):

STATS:  Not much observation done today.   I spent most of the class period setting up the program for grades and then entering them in for his three classes.   I definitely feel less confident in this class than in Alg. II mainly because I am still learning a lot of the statistical concepts and terminology


Algebra II:  I am really surprised at how well behaved these students are. I realize that these kids are in the top of their class and most likely my first year, the kids might not be so well-behaved and/or eager to learn.



Friday (8/22/03):

I realize the advantage of having a strong understanding of the subject.  In class, Steve was able to take an opportunity (in Stats class) and connect another mathematical idea to the concept he was teaching.


Note:  Need to learn how to operate TI Š83 better!