Handy GSP Script Tools

Here is a list of some script tools for the Geometer's Sketchpad.  To use this on your own home computer please save them to the Tool Folder in the Sketchpad directory.  The definitions can be found on InterMath's online dictionary








Medial triangle

Orthocenter, Mid-segment triangle.

Orthic triangle

Pedal triangle

Pedal Triangle for any point in the plane

Center of Nine point circle

Nine Point Circle

Trisecting a line segment

Equilateral triangle, given a side

Square, given a side

Isosceles triangle, given base and altitude

Triangle Centers (H, G, C, and I)

Triangle Centers with Euler Line

Divide a segment AB into two parts that form a golden ratio.

Hexagon, given a side.

Octagon, given a side.


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