Autograph of Cheng Lu Pien

I was born and raised in Singapore. I love my country and you can find out more about it from I completed my Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics and Physics at National Institute of Education, Singapore (NIE). is a great place to be and I met some of the best teachers and friends during my five-year stay there. After my graduation, I started teaching at Red Swastika Primary School for 8 months before I joined the Gifted Education Program at Tao Nan School. I stayed in the Gifted Education program for the next four years. Teaching was fun! I had excellent mentors and collegues but I decided to pursue my part-time masters research at National University of Singapore to satisfy my quest for knowledge in Mathematics. It was tough working full-time and studying at the same time! But, with continual moral support by my family and school, I finally completed my masters' in 2.5 years. After my masters degree, I devoted my time to teaching and I decided to take a step of faith to do my doctorate studies at University of Georgia in Mathematics Education after my fifth year in teaching. Several reasons prompted me to leave the comforts of my home to pursue my interests in mathematics education. I miss my family while I am in the states but there are no regrets so far because I enjoy every single bit of what I am currently doing at UGA. I learn to depend on Him each day, to appreciate the simple things in life more and I am certain that my stay at the United States of America would be an enriching & memorable experience.