Assignment # 5

Fall 2002 Semester

GSP - Making and Using Scripts

The Geometer's Sketchpad (GPS) allows for objects created to be saved a reproduced for later use and explanation.  A number of these objects have been created as scripts and attached here for the following uses:

1.  Description of the object

2. Explanation on how the object was created.

3. Link to the GPS file.  (Must have GPS installed on your computer to use.) 

Choose from the following Scripts:

Centroid Orthocenter Circumcenter Circumcircle
Incenter Incircle Medial Triangle Orthocenter, Mid-Segment Triangle
Orthic Triangle Pedal Triangle Center of 9 Point Circle Nine Point Circle
Trisecting a Line Segment Equilateral Triangle (given a side) Square (given a side) Isosceles Triangle (given base and height)
Triangle Centers (H, G, C and I) Triangle Centers with Euler Line Locus of Vertex of Fixed Angle (that subtends a fixed segment) Golden Rule - Segment Division
Pentagon via Radius Pentagon via Side Hexagon via Side Octagon via Side