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Project InterMath

 Assignment 1:

h(x) = f(x).g(x) is tangent to

each of f(x) and g(x)

Assignment 2:

What happens to

 Assignment 3:

Some Different Ways to Examine

 Assignment 4:

Orthocenter(H), centroid(G) and circumcenter(C) are collinear, and


 Assignment 5:

GSP Script Tool

 Assignment 6:

Some relationship between given triangle and triangle with the three sides having the lengths of the three medians from given triangle

 Assignment 7:

Investigation for a tangent circle

 Assignment 8:

Formula between orthocenter and feet of the perpendiculars

 Assignment 9:

Investigation of the Pedal Triangle

 Assignment 10:

Investigation for parametric equations

 Assignment 11:

Investigation for

 Assignment 12:

Fibonnaci sequence


Final Assignment

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