Assignment 5: GSP Script Tools


The goal of this assignment was to make script tools for Geometer's Sketchpad (GSP) 4.01. A script tool for GSP is a custom tool which allows you to create different geometric constructions without having to do the whole process each time. For instance, one tool that you will find down below is the centroid tool. This tool allows you to find the centroid of any triangle without having to draw the segments from the vertices to midpoints each time. Down below is a list of script tools found in this file. If you click on any of them, you will open GSP on your desktop and will be able to use them. If you have trouble using any of them follow the directions in pink in the lower right hand corner.

Centroid (G)

Circumcenter (C)

Orthocenter (H)

Incenter (I)



Medial Triangle

Pedal Triangle

Orthic Triangle

Orthocenter of Medial Triangle

Center of Nine Point Circle

Nine Point Circle

Trisection of Segment


Equilateral Triangle

Isoceles Triangle

Triangle Centers

Euler Line

Segment Divided into the Golden Ratio

Hexagon given a side

Octagon given a side



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