Something About Me

Andy Tyminski


I am a student here at the University of Georgia and I love being a Bulldog. I received my Bachelor's degree in elementary education, with a mathematics concentration and extension, from Buffalo State College in December 1992. I then taught middle school mathematics for nine years before deciding to return to school and work on my graduate degrees. I taught for eight years in Virginaia Beach, VA and spent another year teaching at The American School of the Hague in the Netherlands. I completed my Master's degree in Mathematics Education at UGA in August 2003. I am begining the third year of my doctoral program. My plan is to complete my course work by the spring of 2005 and then tackle my research work soon after. My current research interest is in the area of preservice elementary teachers and their beliefs on mathemics. I have been lucky enough to teach for the past two semesters in the UGA elementary education mathematics program. I look forward to continuing this work.

When I'm not studying for class, preparing lessons for my elemetary preservice teachers, or working as a part of the Center for Proficeiency in Teaching Mathematics, I can probably be found on the golf course, behind my drumset playing music with my band, "Mutual Admiration Society", or in a local tavern sampling the coldest of the cold beverages available.