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My main reason for getting my doctorate in mathematics education is to work with preservice elementary school teachers. As a part of my development in this area, I have had the great experience to work with two different cohorts of students during the past two semesters. Teaching EMAT 3410 has been an incredible opportunity and I'm really looking forward to working with more of the elementary mathematics education program in the future.

As a means to this, I decided to create a web page that contains some technology based lessons to be used with preservice elementary teachers (PST). I have found that some PST can be intimidated by the technology available to them and need to develop some confidence in using it themselves before they feel comfortable using it in their classrooms. One of the main goals I have had in designing my classes is to incorporate more technology. It is my hope that this site will not only be a benefit to me, but to all teacher educators looking for ideas on technology to be used with preservice elementary mathematics teachers.


EMAT 3410 Elementary Education Topics:



Data Analysis


Measurement - I design this section of my course to be very tactile. Therefore, I have not included technology lessons for this part.



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