Jennifer Weaver


I attended University of Missouri for three years. I also swam for MIZZOU for two years. My junior year I transfered to Georgia Southern.

I graduated from Georgia Southern with a B.S. in Math Education in 1999. I have been teaching at Collins Hill High School for four years. I have taught Algebrra I and Pre-Algebra, currently I am teaching Honors Algebra II and Advanced Algebra/Trig. I am also the Head Swimming Coach at the Hill. I am currently working on my Masters in Math Education. I hope to graduate Summer 2004! Cross your fingers.

I have two feline kids named Truman (named after Truman the Tiger of course) and Koey. They were rescued about a year ago by Cori Pringle and I. My brother just recently got married so now have a new sister who I able to share shoes with. :)


Univerisity of Missouri Swimming and Diving

Collins Hill High School

Collins Hill Swimming and Diving