Here are some pictures of the puppies...



This is Haley and I...she is adorable :)


This is Haley laying around over the 4th of July 2002.


She got to meet Grandma for the first time :)



This is Dexter...he thinks he is a human and is mommies puppy :)



This is Dexter over the 4th of July 2002.



Dexter was so happy that he got to see Grandma :)



Here is mommy and dexter :)



Now here are some more recent one's



That is really how dexter sits and that is where he lays right in between Mommy and Daddy :)




This is a more recent picture of Haley, she has really become a part of the family now, she is very loving.




This is Haley in a NAVY sweatshirt showing her support for her Uncle Brandon :)




This is Jared and Dexter lounging on morning.




This is Dexter and Haley acting like they own our bed.




This is Dexter, Haley, and I at our first place in Georgia. What a mess that was...glad we are out of that place, he was psycho!




This is Haley and Daddy...Haley is definately Jared's dog...




This is my dad and Haley...He came down to visit over Labor Day 2002. This was the first time he met Haley.




This is my dad and Dexter and Haley when he was down over Labor Day...obviously Haley was still little then.



This is Dexter and Jared when we were packing to move...




This is Haley when we were getting ready to move, she looks small in this picture.




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