Chapter 4

Here are the things that should have been covered before you should do this unit:

Using the Distributive Property to simplify expressions

Finding the measure of the third angle of a Triangle

Rounding a decimal to a given place value


This unit is on

Using Proportional Reasoning


At the end of this sections your students should be able to do the following:

Solve proportions

Find the unknown measures of the sides of two similar triangles

Use trigonometric ratios to solve right triangles

Solve percent problems

Find the probability and odds of a simple event

Solve problems involving direct and inverse variation


Now here is a list of the sections, please click on them for specific lessons:

Section 4-1: Ratios and Proportions

Section 4-2: Integration Geometry: Similar Triangles

Section 4-3: Integration Trigonometry: Trigonometric Ratios

Section 4-4: Percents

Quizzes for Sections 4-1 through 4-4

Mid Chapter Test

Section 4-5: Percent of Change

Section 4-6: Integration Probability: Probability and Odds

Section 4-7: Weighted Averages

Section 4-8: Direct and Inverse Variation

Quizzes for Section 4-5 through 4-8








Please note that this is Chapter Four of Glencoe Algebra 1 Integration, Applications, and Connections published by Glencoe and McGraw-Hill, New York. 2001

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