We examine closely, the pedal triangle DEF.

As you see below, the parent triangle ABC , along with arbitrary pedal point H, allow for the pedal

triangle's existance and situational characteristics.

Point H is the pedal point of the pedal triangle and is informally: the point of

intersection of the lines that are perpindicular or normal to the extended lines that contain the

segments of the triangle. Remark : The normal lines can be established anywhere along the lines

conatining the sides of the triangle even inside the triangle.

To play and manipulate the pedal triangle click here

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Here is the special case were the Pedal Point H is the orthocenter and of course inside

the triangle. In actuality the orthocenter is always a special pedal point to what could

be a pedal triangle.


Below you see the pedal triangle and the pedal point on a larger circle

Click here to watch animate, watch and, augment the above situation

If you trace one of the midpoints you will notice an ellipse if you trace all the

midpoints you will have individual ellipses

What will occur if we rotate H the same dirction, and trace the midpoints of the triagle created from

the midpoints of the pedal triangle?


Click here to see

As we see from various manipulations the pedal triangle maintains many special

relationships with its parent triangle.

Click here to construct a derivative concept of the pedal triangle and attempt to see their