Creating and Using GSP Scripts

By Donna Greenwood

Here is my library of GSP 4.0 tools.Feel free to bring them up and play with them if your browser has GSP 4.0 set up as a helper application.If you have the earlier version of GSP, these tools won't work.These are grouped as follows.Just pick a type of construction that interests you and take a look!
Triangle Centers
Circles and Triangles Based Upon An Input Triangle
Line Segment Constructions

Polygon Constructions

Triangle Centers 

If you want to run any of these tools, the input is always three points.

Centroid (intersection of medians) 



Circumcenter (intersection of perpendicular bisectors of the sides)

Orthocenter (intersection of the altitudes)


Incenter (intersection of the angle bisectors)

Four Common Triangle Centers


Triangle with Euler Line

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Circles and Triangles Based Upon An Input Triangle

Again, the input for these constructions is the three points necessary to define a triangle.


Medial Triangle (formed by connecting the midpoints of the sides of a given triangle)

Orthocenter, Mid-segment triangle

Nine Point Circle (constructed by finding the center of a circle that passes through the 3 mid-points of the sides, the 3 feet of the altitudes and the 3 midpoints of the segments from the triangle vertices to the orthocenter)

Center of Nine Point Circle

Orthic Triangle (constructed by connecting the feet of the altitudes)

Pedal Triangle (for more information on pedal triangles, see write up #9)


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Line Segment Constructions

Trisect a Segment
Divide a Segment Into Two Parts That Form the Golden Ratio


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Polygon Constructions

Equilateral Triangle Given a Side AB
Square Given a Side AB


Isosceles Triangle Given a Base and Altitude

Regular Pentagon Given the Apothem

Regular Pentagon Given a Side AB

Regular Hexagon Given a Side AB

Regular Octagon Given a Side AB

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