Supplement for: Tech Math I

by: BJ Jackson

This project is designed to supplement a course that I teach entitled Tech Math I. This class is designed for students that are not planning on attending college or that are planning to attend a technical or two-year college. Tech Math I fulfills the first half of the State of Georgia's graduation requirement for all high school students to have passed a year of Algebra. Basically, it is a course that teaches the first semester of a traditional Algebra I class in two semesters.

The purpose of this project is to supplement student learning with technology and to show the students how the technology can be used to solve problems mathematically. It will also give the students extra assignments to be completed that will require the use of technology.

The supplements and assignments will be designed around the current textbook, Math Matters, which has 10 chapters. Click on an assignment below for a discussion of the assignment and the assignment itself.


Assignment One: Graphs

Assignment Two: Measures of Central Tendency

Assignment Three: Perimeter and Area

Assignment Four: Basic Geometry

Assignment Five: Volume

Assignment Six: Surface Area

Assignment Seven: Slope and The Equation of a Line

Assignment Eight: Graphing a Line

Assignment Nine: Pythagorean Theorem

Assignment Ten: Systems of Equations

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