Assignment Three:

Perimeter and Area

Lately, we have been studyng the perimeter and area of polygons and circles. In particular, we have looked at triangles, rectangles, squares, parallelograms, trapezoids, and circles. We learned the formulas used to calculate these values and then found the values. None of these calculations were particularly difficult, especially with the help of a calculator. Yet, it would be nice to be able to input the values and have the calculations done automatically. This is possible with the help of a spreadsheet.

In this assignment, we will use excel to calculate the perimeter and area of the shapes mentioned above. Students will program their spreadsheets to do these calculations automatically when values are entered into the cells of their spreadsheets.

Based on the fact that we have already discussed how to use a spreadsheet to make calcultions in assignment two, we will not discuss how that is done in this assignment. Click on the link if you need help remembering how to use a spreadsheet.

So, you should now be able to click on the links below and do the assignments.

Homework Assignment Three

Bonus Assignment Three

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