Assignment Six:

Surface Area

Now that we understand what Surface Area is and are able to calculate by hand, it is time once again to turn to technology to speed up the process. In assignment 3, we learned how to use Excel to calculate the perimeter and area of two-dimensional objects and in assignment five we used it to calculate volume. We will now take those same ideas and use them to calculate the surface area of three-dimensional objects. These objects will be: triangular and rectancular prisms, cylinders, triangular and rectangular pyramids, and cones. So, assignment six will be an extension of what we have done in assignment five.

Since the students should now be adept at using Excel, I will not provide a discussion of how to set up the spreadsheet. If you cannot remember how to set up a spreadsheet, click on the link to assignment three above to refresh your memory on how to use Excel. Now, click on the link for the below to find your assignment.

Homework Assignment #6

Bonus Assignment #6

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