Script Tools


Brock F. Miller

Here are a set of script tools I have developed on Geometry Sketchpad 4.0. Hopefully you can find them useful.


1. Centroid of a Triangle

2. Orthocenter of a Triangle

3. Circumcenter of a Triangle

4. Circumcircle of a Triangle

5. Incenter of a Triangle

6. Incircle of a Triangle

7. Medial Triangle

8. Orthocenter, Mid-Segment Triangle

9. Orthic Triangle

10. Center of Nine Point Circle

11. Nine Point Circle

12. Trisecting a Line Segment

13. Equilateral Triangle (Given a Side)

14. Square (Given a Side)

15. Isoceles Triangle (Given a Base and an Altitude)

16. Triangle Centers (H, G, I, and C)

17. Triangle Centers with Euler Line

18. Sierspenski Triangle

19. Segment Divided into the Golden Ratio

20. Pentagon with a given Radius

21. Pentagon with a Given Side

22. Hexagon with a Given Side

23. Octagon with a Given Side

24. Koch Segment

25. Pedal Point and Triangle - Given a triangle and an arbitrary point

26. Decagon with a Given Side

27. Nonagon with a Given Side

28. Heptagon with a Given Side

29. Cube with a Square

30. Cone with a Given Diameter of the Base

31. Square Pyramid with a Given Edge of the Base

32. 20 - gon with a Given Side

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