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"Nature has established patterns originating in the return of events, but only for the most part."
Jacob Bernoulli

"Doubt everything or believe everything: These are two equally convenient strategies.
With either, we dispense with the need for critical reflection."
Henri Poincare

"Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy."
Ben Franklin


Assignments: 6680

Assignments: 6600

Internship: Fall 2002, Cedar Shoals HS

Bits & Pieces: Resources Pre-Algebra & Algebra-1


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Mathematical Quotations (Furman University)

More Mathematical Quotations

A Few More Mathematical Quotations

Scientific Quotations

More Scientific Quotations

Philosophical Quotations
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Interesting, Fun, and Just Plain Silly

Fun with Math

Fractal Cartoon @

History of Number cartoon @

Math in the Comics (Listed Alphabetically by Comic Name)

Math in the Comics (Listed by Mathematical Idea - kind of)

Mathematical Humour


Mathematics and the Arts

International Society for the Arts, Mathematics, and Architecture

Helaman Ferguson

MC Escher

Galileo and Perspective (An Historical Discussion)

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Mathematics and History

MacTutor History of Mathematics Site -- St. Andrew's University

History of Mathematics In Education

History of Mathematics Education

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Mathematics and Philosophy

Philosophy of Mathematics Education

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Mathematics and Cognition

The Mathematical Brain

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Other Connections

Math in the Movies

Math and Mathematicians in Fictional Literature

Mathematical Fiction

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