Clay Bennett

Assignment 7.14


For this assignment, I choose to undergo the task of constructing a circle tangent to an abitarary point on a circle and a line out side of the circle.  If there is a hell, I am going there because of this problem.  I have cussed, fussed, and thrown a lot of things because of this problem.  I probably should have given up on it a long time ago,  but I kept telling myself that I’ve put too much time into is already so I stuck it out.  Well, I’ve finally got it.  I this problem just like any maze; from the end. 

I realized that points of tangency with the line and circle would form a isosceles triangle with the center of my constructed circle.  I also knew that the center of the my constructed circle would be collinear with the center of my given circle.  From there I went to work.

I began with my circle, point of tangency, and a line.

From here I constructed a line passing through the center and my point of tangency.  I then constructed a line tangent my given tangency point. Next I marked where they intersected my line.

Now I take the angle bisector of angle DEF.  The intersection of the bisector and line DF will give me the center of my constructed tangent circle. 

Finally, I construct a circle with a center of G and a radius of length DG and I have a circle tangent to my given circle and line. 

If you would like to see the script for GSP then go to my assignment 5.