Sinje J. Butler




I live in Loganville Georgia. I have been married to Brandon W. Butler for seven years. We have two daughters. Brenna is five years old and Ansley is two years old. Click her for family photo

Our family pets are a male Boston terrier, named Luke, and what we refer to as, "The Catch of the Day." The Catch of the Day is what ever small creature we find in our back yard, create a habitat for in a 10 gallon aquarium and keep around for a couple of days and then eventually set free.


I graduated from West Georgia College with a B.A. in Marketing in 1991.


From 1991-1997, I was an Account Executive in the Corporate Accounts department for Flowers, Inc. Balloons.  Flowers, Inc. Balloons is the largest distributor of mylar balloons and related gift accessories in the world.


In 1997, after the birth of my first child, I made the decision to quit work to become a stay at home mom and a part-time graduate student of Mathematics Education. Since then I have been working on my masters, taking courses only in the summer when my husband, also in education, can be a stay at home dad.

My goal is to complete my masters program and to return to work as a high school mathematics instructor when my children are both in grammar school.