Bill Daly

My post secondary education began as a chemistry major at the University of Wisconsin, after which I enlisted in the USAF as a photo reconnaissance specialist stationed in South Carolina.  It was during my USAF tenure, mostly through an interest in music and piano, that my interests turned toward electrical engineering.  It was also during this time that I met my wife Pam.  Both becoming very fond of the south, we moved to Atlanta where I obtained my MS in electrical engineering from Georgia Tech.  We now live in Lawrenceville, with (near) our three children, ages 12 through 23. 

After devoting 19 years to engineering for several corporations in the Metro area, I have decided to turn my attention to something more permanent than next quarter’s profits.  This, combined with the close connection of my previous endeavors to mathematics, is what finds me at UGA pursuing a mathematics education degree.

My interests and hobbies are carpentry, gourmet cooking, music, engineering (it was a hobby before it was a career) and, of course, mathematics.