5.8 Flow Proofs

We will begin with the following quiz as a review from the previous section covered.


After the quiz, we will review of some examples using Angle-Angle-Side Congruence and Hypotenuse Leg Congruence. We may even go over the worksheet that they did for homework on Section 5.7 covering these topics.

I will write the flow diagram on the overhead projector that is at the beginning of this section 5.8. This will give the kids some review about how to follow a flow diagram.

Then, we will do this flow proof.

Then, we will go over the same proof as a two-column proof to show students the difference in the two styles. Some of them may prefer one over the other. I will tell them that it really doesn't matter to me which way they choose to do the proofs as long as they understand the basis of a proof. Time permitting, we will go over some more flow proof examples. I will assign then 2-3 flow proof problems from the book to do for homework. I will tell them that they can do the homework problems as two-column proofs if they so desire.

It may be fun to take the students to the lab and let them work on doing flow proofs using GSP tomorrow.