A Little About Me

College Background

My name is Jennifer Brooke Fagler. I am 23 years old and a first year graduate student working on my Masters in Mathematics Education. My undergraduate degree was a B.B.A. in Accounting. I lived at home in Swainsboro, Georgia and went to East Georgia College my first two years of college. Then I transferred to UGA as a junior and completed my undergraduate business degree while here in Athens.

Family Background

I am an only child raised by two wonderful parents, Randy and Miriam Fagler, and a large loving family. My Daddy is a UPS driver who will be retiring at the end of September of this year, 2003. My Mama is a Kindergarten teacher at Swainsboro Primary School and the 2003-2004 school term will be her last year. They are really looking forward to their retirement because they hope to do a lot of traveling and ,hopefully, come and see me! My parents have worked hard all of their life for everything that they have. They grew up poor with my Daddy's father being a small town farmer and his mother a housewife. My mother's father was a prison guard and her mother worked in several factories. I am very proud of how they achieved a greater standard of living than their parents. They deserve a very peaceful, relaxing retirement because they have earned it.

My family is really close and really large! I have 7 aunts, 2 uncles and 21 first cousins. We have lots of cookouts and get togethers. Most all of my family is located either near Swainsboro or Jesup, Georgia.

High School Background

I lived all of my life in Swainsboro, Georgia, which is in southeast Georgia located approximately halfway between Macon and Savannah. I went to high school at Swainsboro High School known for their "Black and Gold Tigers". During high school, I was actively involved in varsity sports like softball and tennis, and I served as Class President my junior and senior year. The highest honor that I attained was being the Class of 1998's salutatorian. This honor has helped me out a great deal financially during college because of the Governor's Scholarship.

Life in Swainsboro

Swainsboro is a small town where most people think there is absolutely nothing to do! However, I think that there is nothing like growing up in a small town. Granted, we don't have a mall, a large movie theatre, or any large-scale nice chain restuarants. However, there are lots of fun things to do such as riding four-wheelers, spending quality time with the family, grilling out, fishing, etc. Some may think that such a small town life is boring and antiquated, but I personally enjoyed growing up with simple values and a slower-paced lifestyle where I would feel safe at night leaving the front door unlocked! When I did get the chance to go to the movies, the mall, or something else that I didn't have at my immediate disposal, I was very excited and much more appreciative than I would have been if I had lived in a big city. Come and visit. It reallly isn't that bad!

Future Plans

My future plans involve becoming a high school math teacher in a moderate size town, probably not Altanta! I want to get married one day and have a couple of kids. My main goal in life is to live a rewarding, happy, and peaceful life. God and my family will always come first. I think that I one of the reasnos why I chose teaching so that I would be able to have more time with my family. I do want to be a wonderful, dedicated teacher as well where I make a positive difference in my student's lives. Hopefully, I will be able to coach softball or tennis, or both! I am just ready to finish school and start my career! After 6 years of college, I need a break!