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Final Assignment

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Unit Lesson Plan

Sections 5.6 - 5.9

Text - Geometry: An Integrated Approach by Gerver, Sgroi, Hansen, Lynch & Molina, published by The National TextbookCompany

These are formal lesson plans for the unit.

(When opening these lesson plans, they may open on your desktop and then you will have to click on the icon to open each one.)



Lesson Plan 5.6

Lesson Plan 5.7

Lesson Plan 5.7 Day Two

Lesson Plan 5.8

Lesson Plan 5.9

These are the actual in-class lesson plans to be used for the unit.

Lesson Outline 5.6

Lesson Outline 5.7

Lesson Outline 5.7 Day Two

Lesson Outline 5.8

Lesson Outline 5.9



Quiz Sections 5.6-5.9

(For the quiz, be sure to click on it once it is opened to make all the GSP figures come up.)