Something About Me

Kristin Karas

EMAT 6680

I am originally from Dansville, NY. I recieved my Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics Education from Ithaca College in 1999. From there I was recruited to teach 7th grade in Boca Raton, Florida. After one year there, I decided to move to Atlanta in pursue of my Masters degree. Complications arose and instead of starting the Masters program for Mathematics Education at Georgia State University, I recieved a job teaching Geometry and Algebra at Roswell High School. I have been there for three years now teaching Algebra II as well. This coming school year I will also add on AP Statistics to my workload. I enjoy teaching high school much more than I enjoyed Middle School. I intend to finish up my Master's of Mathematics Education by the end of summer in 2004.

Clich HERE to see Roswell High School's Website.***Go Hornets!

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