Script Tools


Creating Script Tools in GSP 4.04 allows students to re-investigate constructions that were previously made in the class.  By making a script tool, the student can retrieve their constructions.  When working in GSP 4.04, students should begin to make a library of script tools.  The script tools contained in the library are usually constructions that are used frequently when solving problems.  This library of script tools is beneficial to students because it allows them not to create double work.


The most effective way to make a script in GSP 4.02 is to complete a your desired construction.  Afterwards, highlight each of the objects that were used in creating the construction and the construction itself.  You can highlight an object by simply using the arrow in the GSP toolbox to click on it.  If more than one individual is using the same computer, it may be best to specify your script tool with some annotation in order to identify the script tool that you created.  In order to save a script tool to your computer, a TOOL FOLDER in the folder containing the Sketchpad application must be created.


Below is a list of script tools that is used most often in GSP 4.04:


1. Centroid


2. Orthocenter


3. Circumcenter


4. Circumcircle


5. Incenter


6. Incircle


7. Medial triangle


8. Orthocenter, Mid-segment triangle.


9. Orthic triangle


10. Pedal triangle


11. Center of Nine point circle


12. Nine Point Circle





This concludes our GSP list.






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