Script Tools in Geometer Sketch Pad


Julia Neal

Geometer Sketch pad has a way to save constructions that you will use regularly.

I have created tools to construct:

the centroid of a triangle, the orthocenter of a triangle

the circumenter of a triangle, the circumcircle of a triangle

the Incenter of a triangle, the Incircle of a triangle

the Medial triangle, the orthocenter, midsegment triangle

the orthic triangle, the pedal triangle

the center of the 9pt circle, the 9pt circle

the trisection of a line, an equlilateral triangle given a side

a square, given a side, the centers of a triangle

the centers of the triangle with the Euler line

The golden ratio, a pentagon given the radius

a hexagon given the side, an octagon given a side



Click Here to open a sketch in GSP to view and use these tools.


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