Assignment #5: Creating and Using GSP Script Tools


This write-up consists of a library of GSP Files with Script Tools

Click HERE to open my toolbox file and use one of the following tools: You can only use this tool if you have GSP on your computer. When you open my toolbox, it will open to a blank GSP screen. If the GSP toolbox is not open, click on the 'Display' tab at the top and open the GSP toolbox. Then click on the button with the arrow and three dots. You can then use any of the following tools from 'This document' section. In many of the tools, I have left the construction elements in. If they are not needed, simply select them. Then from the Display tab, select to hide them.








7.Medial Triangle

8.Orthocenter, Mid-segment triangle

9.Orthic Triangle

10.Pedal Triangle

11.Nine Point Circle

12.Center of Nine point circle

13.Equilateral Triangle given a side

14.Square given a side

15.Pentagon given a radius