Math Magic


Stephen Bismarck

Here's a neat magic trick that you can dazel your friends and co-workers with.

Pick a two digit number (bigger then 9)

Add those two digits together (example number 62, add 6 + 2 = 8)

Now subtract that number from the original (example 62 - 8 = 54)

The last step is to add two digits from the previous step together (example 5 + 4 = 9)

The number you will always get is 9

Try it a few times....neat isn't it.


Why this works



Here's another number one.


Pick a number any number

Add 29

Subtract 1

Subtract 15

Subract 7

Add 23

Subract the Original number




Your number is 29


I'm not even going to write a proof for this one, it's really easy to figure out why it works.

Here's Just some cool shapes that make you think twice

*These pictures are from*


Is this circle perfectly round?


Are these lines straight?


Focus your eyes on the blue circle, move your head close to the screen


Which side is bigger AB or BC?



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