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David K.Drew


My E-mail: ddrew@uga.edu

Here’s something about me.


Some links I like.


TheDepartment of Mathematics Education

MacTutor History of Mathematics Site -- St.Andrew's University

Math Forum (aliasGeometry Forum)

FurmanUniversity Mathematical Quotation Server

Project InterMath


         Assignment1: Graphing Functions and Relations on the First Degree


         Assignment2: Graphing Functions and Relations on the Second Degree


         Assignment3: The Realm of Quadratic and Cubic Equations


         Assignment4: What is the Euler Line Anyway?


         Assignment5: Fun with Script Tools


         Assignment 6:Billy Bennet’s Left Leg


         Assignment 7:Tangent Circles and the Ellipse


         Assignment 8:The Nine Point Circle


         Assignment 9:Pedal Triangles


         Assignment 10:The Cycloid


         Assignment 11:The N Leaf Rose


         Assignment 12:Guitar Fret Boards and Strings


Final Assignment

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