I:  Factoring




It is assumed that  factoring has been introduced in class.  In order to factor the students know at this point what Monomials, Bimomials, and Trinomials are. 


Name             Number of Terms        Example

Monomial             1                           3x2

Binomial               2                           3x2  + 4x

Trinomial             3                           3x2  + 4x + 2



Now is the time that a review of adding and subtracting polynomials is appropriate.


The students may not look at this as a review but at this point in Algebra it is assumed that they have been working with combining like terms, as well as the familiarity of the Properties:


       Commutative Property of Addition

       Associative Property of Addition

       Distributive Property

       Multiplication of 1


Note:      This may not be a review as the students seem to think that each new lesson is completely new.