Thomas Earl Ricks

Mathematics Education




“Something about Me”




I am currently a graduate doctoral student at the University of Georgia. I just graduated with my Master's from Brigham Young University in Mathematics Education. I completed my undergraduate at BYU as well in Mathematics Education. At the end of my undergraduate degree, I worked for a year as an intern at Timpview High School in Provo, Utah teaching mathematics to grades 9-12. I am excited about continuing my education in Mathematics Education, and feel I hold potential to contribute to this exciting field!



I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day

Saints (often called the "Mormon" church by some) and served as a missionary for the Church for two years in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil as I shared my beliefs. My religion is an integral part of who I am, how I act, and what I believe. If you would like to learn more about our church or have questions about our beliefs, please just ask, or you can visit the Church's website at



My family is very important to me.  Here they are!



I love making art. For some of my artistic creations, please click here.



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