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Statement of Purpose

The purpose of this page is to concentrate on pedagogy and best teaching practices.  In my quest to be a better mathematics educator, I have designed this page to enhance my understanding of the mathematical concepts involved in the assignments as well as how to incorporate these investigations into my teaching strategies.  I believe that the best educators are well versed in the mathematics behind the skills that they are charged to teach students, but I also believe that teachers are responsible for giving students a complete set of knowledge that does not just involves “skill and drill” but rather fuses skill attainment with understanding.  My goal is to look at each investigation in its mechanical light as well as its pedagogical light in order to make my page accessible for both students and fellow educators. 

I have included some links that I like below and The Assignments follow. 


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 Assignment 1:

Experimenting with Functions

Assignment 2:

Parabolas, Parabolas, Parabolas

 Assignment 3:

More with Parabolas

 Assignment 4:

Triangle Explorations

 Assignment 5:

Shortcuts in GSP

 Assignment 6:

From Wax Paper to GSP!

 Assignment 7:

A Tangent to Conics

 Assignment 8:

Altitudes and Orthocenters

 Assignment 9:

Pushing the Pedal to the Limit!

 Assignment 10:

Linear Parametrics

 Assignment 11:

Blooming Equations

 Assignment 12:

EXCELlerated Graphing




Final Assignment

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