Spreadsheet in Mathematics

(Assignment 12)


J. Matt Tumlin, Cara Harskins, Robin Kirkham


The spreadsheet is a utility that is useful for data analysis for a variety of mathematics. There are many different explorations that would show useful when working with a spreadsheet such as EXCEL.


The spreadsheet is merely a tool that provides a fast and easy exploration of large amounts of data and in constructing the data through the use of an equation.


This tool proves to be useful in the classroom when showing quick demonstrations without all the labor required to build the tables by hand.


Let us examine a simple sequence of numbers chosen at random and entered into a spreadsheet such that each successive row is replaced by a new entry that is figure as follows:


absolute value of A- B column 1

absolute value of B- C column 2

absolute value of C- D column 3

absolute value of D- A column 4


Will the process lead to all zeros in all 4 columns?


Example 1:



Example 2:



In the above 2 examples, it appears that given a sequence of numbers in A, B, C, & D the series turns to zeros prior to row 10.


What is the largest number of rows that you found before hitting zero?  After much playing around, the most we found was 13.  



To examine yourself, CLICK HERE!


When the number of columns is increased the sequence continues on, how many iterations can be run before the sequence zeros out?


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