Creating and Using GSP Script tools

(Assignment 5)


J. Matt Tumlin, Cara Haskins, and Robin Kirkham


This is an examination of the personal library of GSP script tools for doing constructions you might use several times.  This is an efficient way to organize and store your work. For example: using a script tool to construct the circumcircle 4 times makes more sense than repeating the construction 4 times over from scratch on the same figure. Thus the reason to utilize the script tool provided within GSP.


The following is a list of the script created and the link to the actual TOOLS:


1.   Centroid.


2.   Orthocenter.


3.   Circumcenter.


4.   Circumcircle.


5.   Incenter.


6.   Incircle.


7.   Medial Triangle.


8.   Orthocenter, Mid-segment triangle.


9.   Orthic triangle.


10.        Pedal triangle.


11.        Center of Nine point circle.


12.        Nine point circle.


13.        Trisecting a line segment.


14.        Equilateral triangle, given a side.


15.        Square, given a side.


16.        Isosceles triangle, given base and altitude.


17.        Triangle Centers (H, G, C, and I).


18.        Triangle centers With Euler line.


19.        Locus of vertex of a fixed angle that subtends a fixed segment.


20.        Divide a segment AB into two parts that form the golden ratio.


21.        Pentagon, given the radius.


22.        Pentagon, given a side.


23.        Hexagon, given a side.


24.        Octagon, given a side.

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