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Math I: Using Technology With Georgia's Performance Standard

By: Kimberly Young and Scott Burrell

Our prior courses in technology exposed us to different technologies that are useful in the teaching of mathematics. This website's purpose is to show how to connect the technologies to the objectives of Math I. We will be taking a look at the draft of the Georgia Performance Standards for Math I and considering how teachers can use technology to aid in the teaching of these standards. It is important to note there are endless means in the use of technology with mathematics, and it is essential to find its balance. Technology is viewed as an aid in the teaching and discovery of mathematics. We would encourage you to consider these connections and adapt them to meet the needs of teaching your students.

Georgia's Mathematics Performance Standards

Math I

Numbers and Operation

MM1N1:The student will understand and use square roots of positive numbers.

MM1N2: The student will operate with polynomials.

MM1N3: The student will understand, use and apply quadratic equations.


MM1G1: The student will use and apply the Pythagorean Theorem.

MM1G2: The student will understand the properties of circles.

MM1G3: The student will understand and use the measuring properties of figures.


MM1A1: The student will explore the characteristics of the function y=ax^2.

Data Analysis and Probability

MM1D1: The student will determine the probability of compound events in simple cases.

MM1D2: The student will discover that experimental probability approaches theoretical probability as the number of trials increase.

MM1D3: The student will estimate the tendency of a population using samples.

Note: This was designed using the draft of the Georgia Performance Standards. (2004)

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