Instructional Unit on Circles in College

Preporatory Geometry

by Amy Benson and Ruth Naugle

Day One - Vocabulary of Circles, Class Demonstration using Geometer's Sketchpad -------- Click here to link to UGA's InterMath Dictionary for circles


Day Two - Lab Day - Inscribed and Circumscribed Figures, Circumference and Pi (uses Geometer's Sketchpad)


Day Three - Class Time for Lab Wrap-Up and Homework Questions


Day Four & Five - Arcs, Central Angles, Arc Length and Sector Area: incorporates a spreadsheet


Day Six - Chord & Radius Theorems, Investigation with Geometer's Sketchpad, Short Investigation with Geometer's Sketchpad (reviews congruent triangles)


Day Seven - Inscribed Angles w/ Geometer's Sketchpad Exploration


Day Eight - Angles Formed by Secants and Tangents w/ Geometer's Sketchpad Investigation


Day Nine - Homework Questions and Review ---- Click here to go to UGA's Intermath page on Circles


Day Ten - Unit Test

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