Applications of the Pythagorean TheoremWorksheet

1. If the legs of an isosceles right triangle are 6 units long, find the length of the


2. Eva Lewis wants to put an underground sprinkler system in her back yard. A drawing of the

system is shown below. About how many feet of water pipe will Eva need?

3. Jackson is 54 miles from Lazy R Resort. Ontario is 31 miles south of Jackson. A land

developer proposes building a shortcut road to directly connect Ontario and Lazy R. Draw a

picture and find the length of this new road.

4. A television screen measures approximately 15.5 in. high and 19.5 in. wide. A television is

advertised by giving the approximate length of the diagonal of its screen. How should this

television be advertised?

5. A 6-ft ladder is placed against a wall with its base 2 ft from the wall. How high above the ground is the top of the ladder?



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