EMAT 6680 Write-ups

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  Write-up # 1:

Playing Around Distance Functions

 Write-up # 7

Sorry! Do you have tangent circles? At which point(s)?

Write-up # 2

A First Course in Second Degree Equations:

An Exploration of y=ax^2

 Write-up # 8

Brotherhood Between Orthecenters, Circumcenter with Altitudes and Nine-point Circle

 Write-up # 3

Some Different Ways to Examine ax^2+bx+c

 Write-up # 9

What If a Pedal Point P...?

 Write-up # 4

An Exploration on Centers of Triangles: CENTROID

 Write-up # 10

An Introduction to Parametric Equatons and Their Curves: Lines In Parametric Forms

 Write-up # 5

Kursat's GSP Scripts Library

 Write-up # 11

BEAUTY IN MATHEMATICAL CURVES:An Investigation into "Polar Curves"

 Write-up # 6

Another Famous Problem of Fermat

Write-up # 12 

How are they related:The Fibonacci Series , The Lucas Series and Golden Ratio

 Final Write-up

Is Concurrency a Coincide ?

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