It's Your Call! 





A WebQuest 
on software evaluation 
for EDIT 2000
Created by Evan Glazer 

Instructor Notes


Evaluating software is not a simple task.  First, you need to narrow down your search by reading other software reviews and descriptions, such as    

TIP: Once you narrow down your selection to a few options, learn more about these software packages by performing searches on the World Wide Web. 

TIP: If you are working in groups, consider the following organizational strategies.

Seeing is believing. Based on your research findings, you need to test out the software packages that appear most interesting. You should evaluate one software package for every group member (i.e., groups of 2 evaluate 2 pieces of software; groups of 3 evaluate 3 pieces of software; etc). You can try to find the software in your department, try to download a trial version from the web, or see if they are available in the Curriculum Media Center
How do you select the best software? You will need to create an original software evaluation rubric with clear and comprehensive criteria to help you formulate this judgment. You will discuss the main categories of the rubric in your presentation, but type up the rubric separately in a webpage for optional viewing. Use information from the following websites to help you create the evaluation criteria.


Finally, evaluate the software using the rubric that you have designed. Keep a record of each evaluation below the rubric on your webpage so you can discuss your findings in your presentation.

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